Experimental Series

Our Experimental Series will be our first born steps into the exciting world of the Spirit industry. Over time, it will allow us tear up the rule book, and try new recipes. A series of one off’s, (or if demand, maybe once or twice repeated). Taking inspiration from our landscape, and the people around us. The aim is to produce spirits that are exciting and evocative.


Tasting Notes


Experimental Series #1

Nose: Aromatic notes of spice, wild herbs and juniper.

Palate: Opulent sweet fruit notes with a spicy, juniper back bone. The assertive coriander and juniper character of the gin mixes nicely with your favourite tonic.

Finish: Long lasting with an elegant citrus and aromatically spiced finish.


Experimental Series #2

Nose: Vivid notes of juniper, orchard fruit notes and aromatic pepper spice note.

Palate: Spicy, crisp and assertive without tonic. With tonic, the coriander element mixes beautifully with the tonic whilst allowing the pink pepper and fruit notes to come through.

Finish: A satisfying gin and tonic (especially served with a garnish of blood orange or pink grapefruit).


Experimental Series #3

Nose: Scents of the forest floor with a twist of pepper and coriander spice and zesty citrus hint.

Palate: Spicy, warm notes of coriander and cinnamon (perhaps a hint of curry powder) with a pleasing juniper and toffee character. With tonic the coriander and juniper come to the fore with a warm, spicy finish. Holds well with the tonic and an orange slice.

Finish: A well flavoured gin to warm those winter nights (or days).


Experimental Series